Work Streams & Activities

Violence in Transit is divided into 4 Work Streams, that are the major actions that are to be carried out to achieve the project’s goals.

Apart from the coordination of the project (Work Stream 0), which involves all the partners in filling bureaucratic and administrative obligations requested by the funding programme, Violence in Transit provides the following

  • Work Stream 1: Research on Youth Violence on Railway Stations and Spatial Welfare Approach

Work Stream 1 aims at improve the knowledge about youth violence characteristics and phenomena in railway station areas, by carrying on a tripartite research, based on a thorough analysis of the station areas in Pescara, Porto and Barcelona, on a national desk research and on a transnational comparative study on the matter.

More in details, the local analysis will be based on the combination of a participating observation and a research-intervention on each field, including interviews with experts and informants and data collection.

Local surveys and desk research will result in a transnational comparative study, which will present the various aspects of a multifaceted phenomenon, whose features depend on a large number of factors, the dramatic economic crisis above all.

  • Work Stream 2: Social Interventions

The definition of the context will be the starting point of a set of customised social interventions, based on a multiagency and participating welfare spatial approach. In each city involved, partners will establish contacts with the young population at risk of violence, both as victims and offenders, and will design, plan and finally implement customised actions to prevent or limit such phenomenon. Those interventions will involve relevant stakeholders, dealing with this issue at different level of responsibility, namely railway station managers, security, and municipal social services, as well as NGOs active in the domain of youth deviance.

  • Work Stream 3: Modelling and Transferability of Spatial Welfare Interventions on Prevention of Youth Violence and related issues on Transit and Flow Areas (Railway Stations, Ports, Country Borders)

The outputs of Work Streams 1 and 2, especially those of the different social interventions put into practice, will be analysed to produce transferable models, to be applied in other areas with similar characteristics. Starting from the results of the actions, partners will identify the key elements and the best practices, and will model the whole process of planning, building and carrying out social interventions, as well as the transferability process to other transit areas. Within Work Stream 3, partners will draft the Guidelines on Models and Transferability of Best Practises in Preventing Youth Violence and related issues in Transit/Transport areas.

  • Work Stream 4: Diffusion of models in European Railway System and in areas with similar characteristics and facing similar violence-related risks: ports and country borders.

The aim of the last Work Stream is to favour the dissemination of the results of the projects among local communities and relevant stakeholders, namely railway companies and local authorities, through existing networks of enterprises and social organisations. A final conference will be held in the city of Rome in spring 2013, to present the project’s outcomes to a larger public.

Our Partners and Associates

  • On the Road Onlus
  • EAPN Portugal
  • Europe Consulting
  • Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane
  • OSCE