Pescara Centrale

Pescara is the largest city of the Region Abruzzo. Along with the capital city L’Aquila, Pescara houses several Regional institutions, an important port and the university. The city itself has 130,000 inhabitants, increased by other 200,000 living in the hinterland and commuting every day. With other “hub” cities, Pescara shares social problems, such as marginalisation, homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution, immigration, along with a large Roma community. The railway station, serving over 3,5 million passengers per year both travelling by train and by bus, whose terminal is in the big square in front, gathers many of those marginalised people, among which youth are a significant portion. The Help Center at the back of the station has carried on an intense action of social inclusion for those groups, from sheltering to recreational workshops and outreach activity.

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