Stigmatization, conflicts and violence around the North Station in Barcelona

A ethnographic radiograph

In the modern city increases the general perception that around the train stations, station bus or main nodes of the underground lines there are places less frequented and unsupervised, that promote conflicts or violent phenomena that often remain unpunished. Looking at a map of the city of Barcelona, the position of the North Station is a large space between the urban areas and marginal areas. For this reason, the station seems to be a perfect place to test this hypothesis. The study was initiated with the objective of detecting these phenomena of violence, identify their causes and suggest possible measures to try to mitigate them. During the work, the two researchers who are part of the research team have spent many hours in the street watching, talking and interviewing informants. Later, that information has been shared and enriched with all the project team.

The research was divided into ten sections that follow the logical and chronological order of the phases of research. After the introduction, is presented the theoretical and methodological start point, the guide of the entire ethnographic exploration. Then is presented survey conducted to verify the adequacy of the working hypotheses in the city of Barcelona and the choice of the area in which research is being focused. Finally are explained some direct causes of the phenomena analyzed.

Estigmatizaciones, conflictos y violencias en torno a la “Estació del Nord” de Barcelona. Una radiografía etnográfica

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