Non-places are inhabited

Transnational Comparative Research Report on youth violence and social exlusions on the railway and bus stations of Pescara (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Porto (Portugal)

This publication is a deliverable of the project dealing with the problem of youth violence, often linked to the phenomena of marginalization and social exclusion, especially in its manifestations in specific urban spaces: the areas of transit (train stations, bus stations, metro hubs, etc…).

Field activities (Research – WS 1; Testing of Actions – WS 2) provided elements to create action models (WS 3) transferable to other areas and territories with similar characteristics (railway stations, ports,
border areas).
In the WS1 – Research, three national surveys were promoted in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. In particular, the area of the train station of Pescara Centrale in Italy, the area of the station Sao Bento in Lisbon, Portugal, and the area of the North Bus Station, in Barcelona, Spain, were studied with an ethnographic and participatory approach.

This book is a collection of summaries of the three national researches and proposes a transnational comparative analysis.

Non-places are inhabited

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