Debate Theatre

Traveling on a train, means often travel between cultures. In this project, there were been reported conflict / culture clashes with immigrant citizens on trains circulating in São Bento.

Given that fact, we aim to understand the reasons why there are train passengers who agree with the actions of the security forces on immigrants citizens and other’s who speak out against. In a more comprehensive way, we intend to analyze how each of us deals facing with “the other/ the foreign”.

Based on the testimonies that were collected, with several actors, on these conflict with immigrants, the company of Theatre of the Oppressed “Tartaruga Falante”  prepared a Debate Theatre that  shows situations of oppression, exploring and developing solutions for them with all the ones who show themselves available to participate.

Our Partners and Associates

  • On the Road Onlus
  • EAPN Portugal
  • Europe Consulting
  • Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane
  • OSCE