Europe Consulting

Europe Consulting Onlus is a type B (work integration) social cooperative, established in 1997 according to the Italian law n. 381/91. Its primary goal is to integrate disadvantaged people into the labour market, through the implementation of a wide range of actions and activities. More than the 30% of working members are from disadvantaged target groups (physical or mental impair, long term unemployed, substance abusers, immigrants, etc.).

The main field of action is social inclusion of marginalised people, namely homeless persons in station areas. In fact, Europe Consulting runs the Help Center and the Day&Night center Binario 95 at Termini Station in Rome, and coordinates the ONDS (National observatory on poverty and solidarity in the Italian railway stations), the network of Italian help centers. It is also member of fio.PSD, Italian federation of the organizations working for homeless people.

Europe Consulting operates in several other areas, such as information technology and communication (building and maintaining websites and web-based databases, mostly serving social activities; producing videos and publications, for public and private institutions and social enterprises; organising conferences, meetings and events; editing, with ECedizioni, the street paper “Shaker, Pensieri senza dimora” and other publications), and research and development (mostly to develop EU funded projects). A group of 7 Europe Consulting employees runs the UIMD, a special office for the relations with disability world within the Civil Protection Department of the Italian Government.

Our Partners and Associates

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