Forum “Graffiti: an (ap)art matter?”

On March the 21th took place in Sao Bento Station the Forum “Graffiti: an (ap)art matter?”
During the Violence in Transit project investigation process, youth vandalism has been mostly associated with the graffiti street vandalism and illegal painting on walls and structures (commonly named “Bombing”). Assuming this issue, it’s important to reflect about the difference between graffiti as a vandalism practice and graffiti as an art intervention in public spaces.

Through this context, the present forum aims to:

  • Present “bombing” examples that surround the REFER/CP space and implemented measures in this area;
  • Discuss and reflect withPorto’s authorities about the “bombing” practice;
  • Analyse the graffiti practice as an art intervention in public space;
  • Debate/reflect about “bombing” Vs graffiti art.


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