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March has been a very important month for us because many of our proposals for intervention with our beneficiaries have been launched. A brief summary of them is presented below.

Monday 4th of March, seminar “Do we talk about the neighbourhood?”

This is our second seminar. It took place in the Parc-Sandaru Community Centre. It had an increase in attendance and in variety of the participant backgrounds coming from the El Fort Pienc y de El Parc i La Llacuna del Poblenou suburbs by comparison with the first edition. Participants highly rated this experience.

Saturday 16th and 23rd of March, “Language Exchange Story-tellin Café: How do we talk in our suburb?”

A get-together took place in the Ateneu Fort Pienc Community Centre to foster interaction between homeless and other neighbours from El Fort Pienc and El Parc i La Llacuna del Poblenou suburbs. The meeting was held in English, Spanish, Catalan, Romani, Romanian, Magyar and French. Once the participants have introduced themselves, in the following sessions we want to enhance the cultural diversity as an issue for discussion. Participants highly rated this experience.

Thursday 4th of April, “Realidad-es” Video-forum

The first of the four video-forum sessions, with the showing of the Finnish film Nubes pasajeras (Kauas pilvet karkaavat) by the director Aki Kaurismäki, took place in the Parc-Sandaru Community Centre. The proposal is envisaged as a tool for raising awareness on social vulnerability. An audiovisual document will compile all the activities of the project. It will be shown at the video-forum closing session along with  I venditori di patate, documentary made by homeless in Pescara (Italy) and produced by On the Road.

Tuesday 2nd and Saturday 6th of April, Photography Workshop “Our Neighbourhood”

This activity allows young homeless to use photography as a tool of self-expression and of identification with El Fort Pienc and El Parc i La Llacuna del Poblenou suburbs. Four students of the Catalonia Photographic Studies Institute (IEFC) are the technical and artistic guides of the beneficiaries. Additionally, the IEFC will provide the required material for the activity. The photos resulting from this workshop will be exhibited in the Parc-Sandaru Community Centre and a slide projection of them will take place in the Universitat metro station, one of the busiest stations inBarcelona.

From Wednesday 10th of April to Thursday 2nd of May, several actions in cooperation with the Metamor-eje Ideas Group

Several interventions in urban areas are proposed to encourage social fabric, social interaction and improvement of urban spaces in El Fort Pienc and El Parc i La Llacuna del Poblenou suburbs. These actions seek to foster the suburb cultural identity. The purpose is to promote the Ribes Street as the backbone of the area and to engage neighbours in an appropriation of urban areas participatory process. In short, the aim is to thereby favour the network of neighbours in order to make them push toward changes that take into account the care for their suburb and coexistence. Our activities are: i/ a videobox to gather the neighbours’ opinions about their suburb, ii/ an urban garden managed by residents and iii/ other artistic actions to improve urban spaces. For further information about Metamor-eje Ideas:

Friday 19th of April, Workshop “Cultivate your Neighbourhood!”

A meeting in the FortPienccommunity garden of those who manage it and a group of homeless will be carried out. The goal is to encourage interaction among neighbours and to learn agricultural practices to tend and maintain a community garden. For further information about the community garden:

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th April, Urban Art Workshop “Art in the Neighbourhood”

A rehabilitation of a wall is proposed through mural artwork. This action is aimed at fostering interaction between young people at social risk of exclusion from El Fort Pienc and El Parc i La Llacuna del Poblenou suburbs. Beneficiaries will be able to express themselves through this art. The workshop will be performed by an accomplished artist that has given himself the objective of explaining the mural artwork technique resources and the legal requirements to carry it out.

Our Partners and Associates

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  • EAPN Portugal
  • Europe Consulting
  • Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane
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