Activities carried out in April in Barcelona

April proved to be a busy month in terms of activities with our project beneficiaries. Most of these have been implemented and finalised during this period of time.

4, 6, 8 and 13 April: Photography Workshop Our Neighbourhood

The four individual sessions were conducted in the first half of April in a positive and a pleasant atmosphere. Each homeless had a camera and technical and artistic support of IEFC (Catalonia Photography Studies Institute) students. Photographies were exhibited in the Parc Sandaru Civic Centre from 2 to 16 May. Sessions were filmed with the collaboration of JGR Design. Then this firm produced a documentary that was shown during the Realidad-Es Cinema Forum closing session.

4, 11 and 18 April: Cinema Forum Realidad-Es

Screenings tried to highlight that social vulnerability may affect anyone of us: Nubes pasajeras by Aki Kaurismäki, The End of Poverty? by Philippe Díaz and BUS 174 by Jose Padilha.

12 April, Conference on Youth, violence and social esclusion

Transnational presentation of the Violence in transit Project in the Fort Pienc Civic Centre (Barcelona). A space for debate about youth and social exclusion involving professionals from public administrations, NGO’s and social organizations.

15, 18 and 23 April: Let’s talk about our neighbourhood! Videobox

The activity collected the residents and commuters opinions about the area around Estació del Nord and it has resulted in the production of an enlightening documentary  showing a multitude of perceptions and demands. Other contributors include the Fort Pius High School with participation by 3rd and 4th ESO students providing them with a tool for their expression.

19 April, Meeting at the allotments of the Fort Pienc Cultivate the Neighbourhood!

Though many homeless did not attend the meeting, many young people from the neighbourhood did. It served for the enhancement of public awareness of this space and for the promotion of direct relations between different groups in the area.

From 22 April to 5 May, Civic Festival  Experience a lively Fort Pienc

The Civic Forum Experience a lively Fort Pienc emerges from the collaboration of the APIP-ACAM Foundation and the Metamor.Eje.Ideas Group. A set of actions are proposed for the enhancement of the collaborative fabric and the involvement of neighbours in the urban space: a) Strengthening our Schools, Building our Neighbourhood Activity in collaboration with the Fort Pienc School Parents Association and the Fort Pienc Community Garden. Eleven planter boxers made of recycled tyres were placed through the Ribes Street to foster among neighbours a sense of responsibility with their immediate environment. Plants had to be cared by residents or commuters. The activity reflected the territory fracture: plants were well-cared in areas around the Fort Pienc square, while were vandalized in the rest of places, the non-places detected by the previous study. Many residents observed that this activity improved their neighbourhood and therefore they get directly involved. Encouraging the collaborative work among different agents in the area was also a primary concern of this activity and so was to bring out our creative abilities for improving our environment promoting ecological and social values. b) LET’S DECORATE OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD! The Flower-Book for the St. George’s Day (Sant Jordi Cultural Celebration in Catalonia) activity involves placing these Flowers-Books -made by the Fort Pienc Primary School students- in public spaces of the neighbourhood. This activity is designed to foster creativity and cooperation between neighbours and to encourage appropriation of urban spaces by residents during the St. George’s Day (Sant Jordi Cultural Celebration in Catalonia).

All of these actions produced a lot of interest among Agenda 21 promoters in Barcelona. The objective in question is to repeat this activity as an annual neighbourhood event.

25 and 26 April, Art in the Neighbourhood!

Bad weather conditions prevented the implementation of the activity on April 25, reschedulling it to 29 April. This meant that no all the young people called to participate managed to attend this meeting. Nevetheless, all third and fourth secondary school  students under risk of social exclusion of the Fort Pius Institute did. Students, the classroom tutor and the artist rated the meeting positively. The activity was conducted in a good work environment and in a spirit of dialogue and entertainment. As the appearance of the wall had substantially improved, many neighbours were very happy with the intervention and advocate extending it to other walls in the area. This scheme, which was pioneer in the Sant Martí District, was viewed positively as it paved the way for future actions.


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