Photography Workshop: “Our Neighbourhood”

Date: 4th of April 2013

Location: Barcelona

This is an activity involving a short training in digital photography for homeless and youth at social risk of exclusion that will be carried out by students from the Catalonia Photography Studies Institute (IEFC) in the course of April.

The goal is to show the neighbourhood and its inhabitants from the homeless and youth perspective. In essence, these collectives may move from being a passive focus for others to becoming active agents. In this way, the stakeholder perspective of the neighbourhood will reach the rest of the population. This activity is based on a twin track approach: make neighbours aware of social amongst youth and foster the social action of stigmatised groups. These people live in the area and therefore their perspective can effectively contribute to build and to feed the collective perception of urban spaces around Estació del Nord.

The itinerant exhibition will be launched in the Parc Sandaru Community Centre and then it will take place in Universitat, one of Barcelona Metro busiest stations. This activity is made possible by the Catalonia Photography Studies Institute (IEFC), the Parc Sandaru Community Centre and TMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Network)

Partecipants: Main participants are neighbours, with a greater impact when the exhibition will be carried out outside the neighbourhood. This awareness-raising event can encourage the coexistence of stakeholders with neighbours, helping to eradicate violent behaviour or indifference against these groups.

Our Partners and Associates

  • On the Road Onlus
  • EAPN Portugal
  • Europe Consulting
  • Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane
  • OSCE