Civic Forum Experience a lively Fort Pienc

Start date: April 21th, 2013
End date: May 5th, 2013

Location: Fort Pienc (Barcelona)

Civic Forum Experience a lively Fort Pienc. Activity: FOSTERING EDUCATION, STRENGTHENING OUR SUBURB

The Civic Forum Experience a lively Fort Pienc emerges from the collaboration of the APIP-ACAM Foundation and the Metamor.Eje.Ideas Group. A set of actions are proposed for the enhancement of the collaborative fabric and the involvement of neighbours in the urban space, among which the Strengthening our Schools, Building our Neighbourhood Activity in collaboration with the Fort Pienc School Parents Association and the Fort Pienc Community Garden.

Eleven planter boxers made of recycled tyres will be placed through the Ribes Street to foster among neighbours a sense of responsibility with their immediate environment. Plants should be cared by residents or commuters. Involving the school in the neighbourhood and encouraging the collaborative work among different agents in the area is also a primary concern of this activity and so is to bring out our creative abilities for improving our environment promoting ecological and social values.

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